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Welcome to Your Digital Partner

Modern Technology with Traditional Service.

Your Digital Partner, in Loudonville, Ohio, is the expert Computer, Internet, & Satellite TV service provider in the Mohican area.  We provide  experienced, local customer service.   Our business is located in the Carriage House at the rear of 918, due to a house fire.

New Technology in a Traditional Setting

Our Products

We offer computers, monitors, and other items by order.
We do computer services & repair,


We can provide printers,paper, ink, battery back-ups and  other computer necessities.



If you need a cable, connector, Bluray player, computer accessories like a mouse or keyboard, printer, ink, or a charger for your phone, come in we can provide these.


We build desktop computers, sell laptops, and repair both.
If your computer needs fixed or needs a virus removal, we can do a quick bench-check or complete check-up with updates, then confer with you about any next steps.  We install hardware and software.

IMG_0761 (2).JPG
ryan tower_edited.jpg

SkyRunner Wireless Internet

If you live locally in the Mohican area and need Internet that reaches where cable doesn't go, look into our SkyRunner Wireless Internet with no data limits.  Delivered from our own towers, we are always the touchpoint for your service. 

Yes, that's Ryan up there.

Open map for SkyRunner Coverage Area



If you can't get cable TV in the hills and valleys of Mohican country, Your Digital Partner is your local retail installer for DISH.   If you are a seasonal visitor, we can set you up at your campsite or vacation home.

VIASAT Satellite Internet

VIASAT Internet is available almost anywhere, even in the hills and valleys of Mohican country.  If you cannot get wireless, cable, or cell Internet, VIASAT is your best option.

VIASAT pole mount.png


About Us

At Your Digital Partner, our professional technical staff provide unrivaled service, whether at your location or ours.


Art's degree in mechanical engineering on top of his training from his father in electrical, plumbing, and heating means he knows a lot and has done about everything.


 Lance has helped us in the past and has now returned as part of his 3 Hour Handyman business.  Lance climbs towers and troubleshoots the Internet network.

lance portrait.jpg


SkyRunner Internet
VIASAT Internet
About Us


Norma  is the organizer for our day to day operations, billing, and is also our Apple technical person.   

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